Enjoy the luxuriant fauna and flora of the alpine paradise offered by the Maritime Alps Natural Park.

The Regional Natural Park of the Maritime Alps extends over the territory of three valleys of the Province of Cuneo, in the sector of the Maritime Alps: from south to north we find Valle Vermenagna, Valle Gesso and Valle Stura. The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea and the presence of large mountain barriers allow the development of a particularly rich and characteristic flora.

The vast trail network, which develops on the slopes of the Riserva Bianca ski area, in the adjacent Alpine karst valley dominated by the Marguareis and French Valley of Wonders (French), allows the hiker a magnificent alpine experience.

Splendid walks can be made using, or not, the Severino Bottero cable car which leaves from the center of the town to climb to higher altitudes and then reach Lake Terrasole; or by reaching the Colle di Tenda by car, from where beautiful itineraries start, such as that of the "3 refuges" (Marmotte, Capanna Niculin and Baita 2000) or the tour of the "nineteenth-century forts". 


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Our reception is available for information on excursions in the mountains of Limone with a nature guide.

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